Mark Wheawill


I am an Artist/Record Producer and DJ. I sing, play the guitar, keyboards and I am a Synth, Sound & Drum Programmer. I am also a songwriter and composer and have written hundreds of songs over the last three decades. I had over thirty official music releases on a number of other record labels in the early noughties. I was linked with Christina Aguilera in 2003 and performed live on Key 103 (Manchester's biggest radio station at the time!) as a Guest DJ to approximately 15,000 listeners.


I am also an Author of two books and I am a Mastering Engineer, Mix Engineer and Sound Engineer and was the singer and guitarist of a grunge/metal band in my youth.


I have various qualifications in Music - Commercial Music Production from my time studying for my Joint Honours Degree at University College Warrington which was a part of Manchester University and also GCSE Music from my time at High School.


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Artist/Record Producer/DJ


Mastering Engineer/Mix Engineer/Sound Engineer

Mark Wheawill


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